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Saint George is a warm, inviting, and welcoming Orthodox Christian community and we gladly welcome our visitors to learn more about Orthodoxy, come visit, and ask questions. God desires that all would come to Him and be saved, and the way to do that is come and immerse yourself in the community of believers, that is His Church.

For people with Protestant backgrounds, your first experience in an Orthodox Church may feel foreign and a bit harder to follow than what you might experience elsewhere. The service of the Divine Liturgy is an order of worship packed rich with symbolism; filled with scripture references throughout the liturgy; a great deal of imagery, sounds, and smells to engage the senses; and of course the hearing of the Word of God, communing with our Lord, and with each other. With such a great breadth of symbolism, information, and experiences, it would be a disservice to you, to God, and to the Saints that have gone before us to remove from that which has been carried on over the past two thousand years.

We would encourage you to read this article, Your first visit to an Orthodox Church and perhaps read a little about the Orthodox Faith before your first visit. Of course this isn’t a requirement, but it will make your experience much more well-informed by doing so. And of course, you can always ask us questions after the service.

An important note about communion: Communion is only for Baptized Orthodox Christians who have prepared themselves through prayer and confession. If you are interested in converting to Orthodoxy, please see Father Thomas, and he can tell you when the next Catechumen classes will be held.

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