Meet Our Church


Saint George Antiochian Orthodox Church is a well-established congregation seated in the heart of West Saint Paul just minutes from downtown Saint Paul. Originally founded in the early 1900’s by some of the early Lebanese settlers, Saint George has grown over the years and has seen a wonderful blend of the tradition of Arabic culture with the neighborhood in which it exists.

Despite the cultural entrenchments often associated with the Orthodox tradition, the Antiochian archdiocese has made churches like ours more accessible and welcoming to visitors from outside the cultural traditions. Saint George continues to see an influx of new converts from many backgrounds — Lutheran, Catholic, Evangelical, Baptist and other traditions.

If you’re new to Orthodoxy or to Saint George, we encourage you to take a moment to read about what we believe ( and acquire some background information about the Orthodox church. As with the amount of information we learn on our journey towards Theosis and learning about God, so there is also a deep well of information with regard to the history of the Orthodox church. We’d encourage you to spend some time at, reading through the history, traditions, and doctrines of the Antiochian Orthodox Church.

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