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UPDATE: September 4, 2020

Dear parishioners and friends of St. George,

Christ is in our midst!

On Tuesday, September 1 we began a new Church Year. So, Happy New Year to all of you! The beginning of the Church New year gives us all the opportunity to take stock of our life in Christ. How have we grown? Have we progressed or slipped in our spiritual life? These are important questions to ask ourselves particularly in light of the separation from the Church that has been imposed upon us as as a result of the Covid-19 “pandemic” as well as the civil unrest that has overtaken our Cities, States and Country. All of these things can take away from our focus on Christ. So let us seriously think about these things and renew our Faith and commitment to Christ and His Holy Church in this New Year!

The Livestream Links for this weekend are as follows:

Saturday at Vespers at 5:00pm – https://youtu.be/WUrdhr5mr9A
Sunday at Matins & Divine Liturgy at 9:00am – https://youtu.be/xyaPtJNTjp8
Monday, Nativity of the Theotokos, Evening Divine Liturgy at 6:30pm  – https://youtu.be/bPUAdQ2WKk4

Remember the importance of SIGNING UP before coming to ANY CHURCH SERVICE. We are required by the State as well as the Archdiocese to maintain 25% of occupancy (50 people) and to have a record of who is attending for “contact tracing purposes.” If you have come recently to Church, please do not sign up again unless there are open spaces after 6pm on Saturday night. This allows people who have not had opportunity to attend the Services to have a chance.

Here is the UNCHANGING LINK to sign-up:

Click on the link and if it does not immediately take you to the sign up engine, copy and past the Link in your browser and you will go immediately to the Sign up LINK.

Priestly blessings!
Father John Mangels, pastor


Saint George a vibrant, friendly community of Orthodox believers and would greatly welcome you to come and worship God with us. Our parish is located in the heart of West Saint Paul just minutes south of downtown Saint Paul, Minnesota. We regularly meet together for Sunday Matin at 9:00 am, the Service of the Liturgy at 10:00 am, and Saturday Vespers at 5:00 pm. We also celebrate a variety of feast days and other services; please refer to our calendar for additional services and their times. We do hope you will come and join us!

New to Orthodoxy?

We all start out somewhere in our journey, and for those of you who are just starting out on your journey home towards Orthodoxy, we want to provide a few resources to help make that transition easier to navigate. Read some tips on your first visit to an Orthodox Church. Also take a moment to read more about Saint George, some of our core beliefs as Orthodox Christians, our history as a parish, and meet some of our clergy. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to e-mail us.

Other visitor resources

Bishop Anthony

Bishop Anthony

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